There was no business plan, no market survey. Just a desire to make something beautiful, and something beautifully unusual. Admirers of the bold sculptural style of 1970’s watches, we loved how designers of this era considered a watch in totality—the bracelet and watch head were one continuous thought.

Rewind to 2021, and the landscape seemed divided between the major brands rehashing their backcatalogues and the wild, rococo exuberance of independent brands.

What was missing was something pure, something sculptural, something architectural. What was missing was a striking shape.

Alfred (Hong Kong) and Phillip (New York) bonded on Instagram over a shared love of brutalist architecture and 1970’s watches, and began exchanging ideas.

We ended up with two major sources of inspiration: the Rolex Midas and early 1970’s integrated bracelet watches; and more importantly, brutalist architecture.

The final result is a collision between these two ideas. Part 70’s watch, part brutalist architecture, entirely new.

About Toledano & Chan

Phillip Toledano is a widely exhibited conceptual artist, with 7 published books to his name, and an entrepreneur. Alfred Chan is an automotive design graduate turned watch designer. He has worked for numerous brands and design agencies for over a decade.